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I thought about making a video to say what I'm about to say as the world is addicted to pictures these days. I decided to type it up as I'm not sure if I could get to everything I want to say in a video. First and foremost I want to say thank you . . . to everyone. We currently live in a world of naysayers and complaints. We, as musicians, play music in a world where music often is unappreciated and is expected to be free. Even at a free level we are a part of a giant industry that seems like the paths to "success" have all been washed away. Everyone is aware that when a musician's art is given away their bills can't be paid. They can't put gas in their car to make it to the next show. They can't create more music to be heard. They can't continue the grind on the road. They can't buy strings. The list continues and it more than likely will. But here's the difference now. You made my new album. YOU made my new album. 

I set up a fundraiser on my webpage through Paypal with nothing to offer but music. No tiers of donations. No t-shirts. No artwork. Just music. I thought, "If I try to do tiers I'm  just going to end up spending money on shirts, shipping, etc. I'm just going to do it on the idea that people love music." CRAZY! Fans of music want music?! I've heard there is talk around town from several different sources of things like, "Talk to Neil Cribbs. He's good at fundraising." I'm not good at fundraising. I have beautiful people that I've met along the way that are incredible with contributing, spreading the word, and loving music. I've tried, in my career, to be open and honest, to follow karma and treat people with respect. Not with judging but with compassion and help.

THIS world of music is scary as hell. I've run into an immense amount of musicians just starting out to people that have been on the road for years that still feel lost and alone in their journey. When I said it seemed like the paths to success are disappearing I mean it. Being a sounding board for musicians, friends, and family that are following their art is one of the most important things people can do. It makes artists feel less alone in their journey. Know what else helps with not feeling alone? Fans.

As we are wrapping up the mixes and mastering I'm listening to possibly the best music I've ever written. I'm certainly damn proud of what we created. I'm proud of the AMAZING musicians that were a part of it. Musicians that worked with me, that deserve 20 times more than they asked (if any) of me. These musicians are the real deal my friends. I can't believe I'm releasing my fourth album . . . and on VINYL. I'm humbled constantly by fans and supporters. Understand that compliments to musicians never go unnoticed or underappreciated. 

I have SO much love in my heart for all of you . . . PLEASE support LOCAL, INDIE, ANY Artist EVER on their journey. These are the things that make us stronger as humans. Support with love and appreciation. It's not about the fame. It's not about the money. It's about the art. ALL artists should have their chance. Thank you for helping me with mine.


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